Advisory Board

Want to serve on Special Needs Respite Advisory Board? 


We would love to have you! If you would like to help in such a capacity, please consider the following so you know what you're getting into.  If you think this is something for you, please contact Stacy at  Thank you!


  • Attend meetings every other month, either in person or virtual. 

  • Be prepared to report progress on individual action items at meetings.

  • Use their respective professional skills to strengthen our foundation in order to reach more families of Metro Atlanta raising children with special needs.

  • Serve on one committee a year.   Communications and Marketing, I.T. support, Event volunteer, Newsletter, Social Media networking, (start a new committee)

  • Boldly share our mission with their circle of influence both business and social.  Invite same to attend fundraiser annually.

  • Each member agrees to a bring in $7,000/year


There are two aspects of your role:


Big Picture – As advisors, your voice is important in guiding the overall direction and operations of SNR.  Some of you are “visionaries” or “idea people” rather than “in the details” and it is in this area that you can make your biggest contribution in each area.  Things like, “How much money should we try to raise each year/quarter” or “what’s the best way to raise money” or “What’s the overall strategy for awarding scholarships” or “Should we hire a CPA to do the books” – these are all examples of the kinds of direction and operational input that’s needed. Stacy has been the “Big Picture” person in SNR from the get-go.


Details - Because we’re a small organization, we will need the advisory board to serve as committee leads over the details of each area. If you’re capable and willing, then you personally would participate in tasks, but are free to get anyone who is willing, to volunteer to help. For example, if you’re leading up the Scholarship award area, you might want to get experts you know in the area involved in brainstorming the details of how much per family, how often, waiting list, etc. Tom has been the “Details” person in SNR.




  • Oversight

    • Meet as needed to assess the current and future scope of the business

    • Determine relationship to providers of care (e.g. 1099 contractors to SNR vs. funding-only)

    • Keep board communicating and interacting (e.g. conference calls)

    • Decide how much should be spent on resources (e.g. QuickBooks, CPA, etc.)

  • Fundraising Events

    • Generate and brainstorm ideas for events and campaigns

    • Planning and organizational oversight for these events.

  • Marketing

    • Brainstorm ideas on how to market SNR to donors and recipients

    • Investigate relationships to organizations for sponsorship or support

    • Establish and maintain a social media presence

  • Scholarship Awards

    • Criteria for who gets scholarships

    • Establish how award amount is determined and paid

    • Establish caregiver pay rate

    • Decide on how to handle budget shortfalls (e.g.  waiting list)

  • Administrative

    • Maintain books – including fundraising accounting, caregiver payments, etc.

    • Organize documents and their accessibility (e.g. Google Drive sharing)

    • Address budget concerns, bookkeeping ideas, IRS compliance, registrations, etc.


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