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Giving Families Hope

"Like a drink of cool water refreshes a weary, thirsty soul, so hearing good news revives the spirit."

Prov. 25:25


Special Needs Respite helps bridge the existing funding gap that many parents have when trying to get childcare for their special needs child. We can provide funds that will pay qualified caregivers to care for these children when no other way to pay is available to the parents.  

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in 2021

Over 100 families helped, receiving support with 2,700 hours of respite care

in 2022

145 families helped, amounting to

3,600 hours of respite care

Read how Special Needs Respite has impacted families

Author and mother Lisa Bachman shares honest reflections, painful learnings, and eye-opening roadmap on parenting a child with special needs.  More than a memoir, this book is a resource that speaks truth to the pain that is so difficult to voice and share. Your purchase of this book supports SNR through the author's give back program.

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